E-waste Collection. Redefined.

Green Box is giving rise to the largest permanent e-waste collection infrastructure on the planet.

At Green Box Electronic Recyclers, Inc we help prevent wrongful and illegal dumping of electronic waste.

Recycling reduces disposal of electronics in landfills, thereby preventing thousands of tons of lead, mercury, thallium, hydrogen cyanide, beryllium oxide, and PVC from entering our water tables.

Green Box re-characterizes convenience. The very foundation of electronic recycling has been redefined by our giant, flashy Green Boxes. Riddled with media attention and public acclaim, these award winning, trademarked receptacles are drastically redefining the method in which consumers recycle electronics.

Partnering with leading electronic recyclers spanning the globe, “Operation Green Box” forecasts an annual recovery of 92 Million lbs of electronic waste in the United States alone.

We recycle all types of electronics with few exceptions. If it plugs in, chances are you can Green Box It!


Certified Data Destruction.

100% guaranteed secure data destruction of hard drives, disks, tapes, computers and other data bearing electronic equipment.

Green Box Electronic Recyclers provides companies, organizations and government departments with 100% guaranteed data destruction services. We use industry leading data wiping software, degaussing and data shredding technology to safeguard your data and assets prior to disposal.

We use the world’s leading secure data destruction tools to ensure secure data wiping to US government standards. Our data wiping software is fully accredited and performs Secure Sanitization of Protectively Marked or Sensitive Information. We erase data on hard disk drives to the higher and lower available standard and specification globally.

Our data destruction process is in full compliance with all physical destruction criteria as set forth by various laws and regulations, including but not limited to: DoD regulations; HIPAA; Sarbanes-Oxley Act; Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act; FACTA Disposal Rule; Bank Secrecy Act; Patriot Act of 2002; Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act; US Safe Harbor Provisions; FDA Security Regulations; PCI Data Security Standard; Various state laws.

Got Hard Drives? Contact Green Box to ensure that your sensitive data is fully obliterated.