Green Box will PICK UP Your Old Electronics!

Green Box provides free e-waste pick-ups to Orange County businesses. A minimum of 10 monitors or CPU's are required for a free pick-up outside of Orange County. Businesses are always encouraged to get their employees involved in bringing e-waste from home to maximize collection. For residences and households, free drop-offs are available at our de-manufacturing facility at 2001 S. Grand Ave, Santa Ana, CA.

To schedule your e-waste pickup of 10 items or more,
follow these 3 simple steps.


1) Give us a call at 1 - 855 - e CYCLE 5 or e-mail us at

2) We'll show up at your address FOR FREE and pick up your e-waste.

3) Feel amazing about yourself. You just Green Boxed It!

If you have any questions regarding our service, just call... we're here for you.

Thank You,

Green Box