Free e-Waste Pick-ups for Businesses

To qualify for a free electronic waste pick-up, your business must have a minimum combination of 10 computers, servers, monitors or peripheral items to recycle. Businesses are always encouraged to get their employees involved in bringing e-waste from home to maximize collection.

To schedule your free e-waste pickup of 10 or more items, CALLĀ 855-e-CYCLE-5 (855-329-2535) or e-mail us at

Small Business and Residential e-Waste

If you are recycling less than 10 items of business or residential e-waste in Orange or Los Angeles Counties, you can...


CALL 855-e-CYCLE-5 (855-329-2535) for directions to your local Green Box, or...


Drop off your e-Waste at 2001 S. Grand Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705

Either choice is always free, so go ahead and Green Box it!

Now, pat yourself on the back.

 You just reduced harmful C02 emissions, kept toxic waste out of the landfill and prevented third world e-Waste dumping. Way to go!

Questions? just call CALL 855-e-CYCLE-5 (855-329-2535)... we're here for you.